This page lists events relevant to the Queensland Water Industry.


Innovation Forum

Registrations are now open for the urban water industry innovation forum to be held at Allan Border Field on 27 November (with field trip on 26 November). This event is presented by our Technical Reference Group, the advisory body (made up of senior water and sewerage managers from water service providers from around Queensland) established in 2003 to set and review the Directorate’s work program.

The Innovation Forum is supported by Trility (lunch sponsor), TaKaDu Ltd (dinner sponsor) along with Unitywater, Lonza Water Treatment Technologies and the Department of Energy and Water Supply as supporting sponsors. 

LGAQ has kindly offered an additional sponsorship to support attendance from our colleagues in small and remote councils for the forum.  qldwater will provide complimentary registrations and LGAQ will provide 4 x $500 grants to help offset the costs of travel and accommodation for representatives from 4 small and remote Queensland councils to attend the forum.

The program includes an excellent set of presentations and activities around the theme of “utility led innovation – fit for purpose solutions to business needs.”  Download the draft program and registration form here.

There are many existing opportunities in the market for vendors to participate in trade displays which link them with key urban water customers, and growing opportunities to showcase technical innovations through conference presentations and related events.  This is a targeted opportunity to provide something different - a means to celebrate utility-led innovation which is critical in both small and large communities, as well as promote partnerships between those utilities, research organisations and companies with an interest in the sector.

WaterQ, the State’s 30 year water sector strategy (developed by the Department of Energy and Water Supply) proposes the establishment of a ministerial advisory panel focussing on innovation – aiming to introduce new concepts into the sector which improve efficiency and business sustainability. The Department of Energy and Water Supply has indicated strong interest in this event, and it is hoped that it will also inject practical and pragmatic ideas to positively influence the development of WaterQ’s implementation plan.

It is important to be realistic about approaches to innovation in our industry, which amongst other things, is characterised by:

• A majority of local government, or local government-owned entities;

• A large, valuable asset base with long term replacement cycles;

• An increasingly constrained financial environment, through:

o Removal of state infrastructure subsidies, and rapid growth in many regions without the

capacity to recover costs of growth

o Increasing cost of living pressures to consumers meaning downward pressure on pricing

o Ageing assets.

Faced with these realities, water service providers must rely on strategies like “sweating assets” and “tried and true” technologies to complement newer technologies. Innovation in other areas of management and planning is also becoming increasingly important. This forum will provide an opportunity for presenters from water and sewerage service providers to promote their most interesting innovations and opportunities for the future to their peers with a view to collaboration.

qldwater’s membership includes almost all of the local government and local government-owned service providers from around Queensland, along with the Gladstone Area Water Board. Our individual programs, like the Water Skills Partnership also include membership of Seqwater and SunWater. We expect representatives from over 30 of these and associated organisations to attend this event. 

Sponsorships help us keep registration fees for the day to a minimum ($120 plus GST inclusive of dinner and the tour).  Further opportunities are available – please contact Dave Cameron ( or 0407 761 991) if interested.

Orica Australia Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test Grand Final

Queensland Grand Final of the Orica Australia Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test took place at the IPWEAQ State Conference on Thursday 9 October.

The six regional finalists vying for the title of the Best Tasting Tap Water in Queensland were:

Bundaberg Regional Council’s Lovers Walk Scheme in South East Queensland
Toowoomba Regional Council’s Mt Kynoch Water Treatment Plant in South West Queensland
Rockhampton Regional Council’s Glenmore Water Treatment Plant in Central Queensland
Mackay Regional Council’s Nebo Road Water Treatment Plant in North Queensland
Richmond Regional Council’s pilot filtration plant in Western Queensland

Cairns Regional Council's Mirriwinni Water in Far North Queensland

Congratulations go to Richmond Shire Council for taking out the trophy with the water from its pilot plant being selected as the best by conference delegates through some 440 individual “tastes.”

Richmond narrowly pipped the Rockhampton Regional Council Glenmore scheme for the honours with Bundaberg’s Lover’s Walk scheme a close third.  Brian Jackson from LGIS took out the Best Palate honours.

Richmond will compete against New South Wales next year in the "Water of Origin Taste Test".

Tenth Anniversary Dinner

On Thursday, 28 November we celebrated our tenth anniversary at a dinner with key people who have played a substantial role in the inception and growth of the Directorate. It was a great opportunity to reflect on the past and also to pay tribute to those whom we believe has made a lasting impact in the industry.

Although the urban water industry is blessed with plenty of great men and women who work tirelessly to provide a top quality food grade product to their customers 24/7, we took the opportunity to single out a couple of people who, over the years, have gone above and beyond their normal duties to make a difference. Two special awards were presented to acknowledge Industry Contribution and Industry Leadership.

Congratulations to Alan Kleinschmidt from Toowoomba Regional Council who received the Industry Contribution Award and David Brooker from Mackay Regional Council, winner of the Industry Leadership Award.

Other contribution winners included Dick Went from Gold Coast Water, John Roworth from Longreach Regional Council, Daryl Ross from Logan Water and Jason Devitt from Mackay Regional Council.

Documents about Past Events

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