Member Services

Industry Representation

qldwater works proactively and co-operatively with state and national agencies to ensure the water industry has a seat at the table when it comes to deciding the industry’s future. qldwater provides advocacy, representation and collated industry responses on key water issues. Whether it is to inform legislation, industry reform, streamline reporting requirements or simplify statutory plans, we ensure that members’ views are heard.

Legislation Updates

We keep you up-to-date and informed of any major changes to legislation that impact the water industry. qldwater analyses how the changes affect industry members and communicates through frequent e-Flashes just how these changes may affect our members.

Industry Advice

Get the advice you need, when you need it. qldwater collates specific industry and technical advice to support our members. Contact qldwater directly or access our regular information services from e-Flashes, online forums, newslettersfactsheets and position papers.

SWIM through the Reporting Mire

The water industry reports water data to a diverse range of government bodies at various times of the year. Managing overlapping and duplicate requests is a full-time task. qldwater’s Statewide Water Information Management (SWIM) service provides a single portal for reporting and maintaining water data. The system is being expanded but basic access is complementary for members, saving time and rationalising reporting. 

Skills Development

Skills development for water operators, trades, paraprofessionals, managers and admin support staff is emerging as a primary issue for the industry. Our Skills Formation Strategy and Skills Partnership is working with industry to understand and address all skills development, attraction and retention issues across the State.

Network with your Industry

qldwater provides opportunities to stay in touch with networks and peers in the industry through formal and informal means including expert groups, upcoming events, regional mini-conferences and online forums.

Benchmarking and Best Practice

Learn how other service providers are managing key issues and benchmark performance against the broader industry.

Manuals, Guidelines and Templates

Keeping up with government requirements and changing technology is a full-time job. qldwater provides authoritative guidance and assistance through policy templates and examples, plug-and-play manuals as well as capacity development and training for the key issues affecting the industry.

LGAQ Policy Influence

We collaborate closely with LGAQ to influence policy relevant to Local Government. As a parent organisation, LGAQ is a key partner and relies on qldwater to link with industry knowledge and information on significant issues as well as up-to-date technical advice.

We Regularly Meet with and Seek to Understand Member's Needs

We understand that member's issues and infrastructure may be locally unique. qldwater staff engage regularly with members and develop opportunities for face-to-face meetings throughout the year to discuss local issues and impacts. Some opportunities include regional conferences and information sessions, training, expert panels, TRG and Management Committee meetings and our annual Water Connections Tour. Feedback, suggestions or comments from members are invited through a range of mechanisms.

Training and Capacity Building

Ensuring staff are well trained is key to the water industry’s ongoing success. qldwater helps members stay abreast of recent changes and ensures access to relevant training programs and materials. We assist members to save in training costs, providing member discounts and training subsidies negotiated on behalf of the industry.

Have a Say and Make a Difference

Contribute to joint industry responses on draft legislation, policy papers and statutory guidelines or participate on our expert panels or the TRG. Join our forums to share your knowledge and experience with others.

Industry-Specific Projects

qldwater establishes and project manages significant projects driven by industry needs. If you have a specific project need, qldwater can assist you to scope the initial project, including undertaking impact assessments and identifying potential investment or funding opportunities.

Keeping You Informed

We work closely with state and commonwealth agencies and the networks of our partner organisations to keep you up-to-date with the latest changes and trends impacting the industry.

Strong Industry Links

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Queensland (IPWEAQ) along with other parent bodies (LGAQ, LGMA and AWA) form qldwater’s Executive Management Committee. qldwater is also an associate member of WSAA and corporate member of WIOA. Our strong industry links provide members with additional access to a wide range of industry networks.

Access to Funding

As well as keeping members informed about potential funding sources, qldwater assists regional consortiums to access State and Commonwealth funding. We also seek funding opportunities to support major programs specific to emerging industry needs.

Regional Collaboration

Some industry solutions can only be achieved through partnering with neighbouring water service providers. But establishing this collaboration can often be difficult and costly for members. qldwater provides facilitation and assistance to establish and maintain regional efforts to support and develop the water industry.

Technical Reference Group (TRG)

The TRG meets bimonthly to direct and inform qldwater priorities and activities. It is a collaborative working group of managers and experts from across Queensland who freely contribute their time and travel costs to represent and support the development of the industry. All members are able to nominate a representative to the TRG and help shape the future of our industry.

Other Benefits

    •  free copy of all major publications;
    •  access to
member-only website;
    •  unlimited downloads;
    •  regular member’s
    •  access to
‘ask an expert’ forums;
    •  enter
qldwater awards for water operators and engineers;
    •  use of standard
SWIM service;
    •  discounted attendance at
conferences and training;
    •  joint funding opportunities & other savings.