Queensland Water Directory - Relief Operator Services

Queensland Water Directory - Relief Operator Services

This page hosts details of individuals and organisations able to provide relief water and wastewater operator services to metropolitan and regional Queensland. It may also include advertisements/ notifications of water service providers seeking this type of assistance.

If you are interested in being included in the listing as providing these services or added to the distribution list for future notifications, please contact [email protected].

Provider Details TRILITY Pty Ltd

Brisbane office, Level 7, 217 George St, Brisbane, 4000.  Operational teams in SEQ, Townsville and Gladstone Region.
Website: www.trility.com.au
Contact: Dave Ollerton (Regional Operations Manager Qld)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07 3248 0600
Mobile: 0488 504196
Services available, including specialisations (e.g. water treatment, wastewater treatment, dam operations etc)
- General operations relief (water, sewage and recycled water treatment plants and significant trunk pipelines)
- Commissioning support and operational readiness reviews
- Operational advice and reviews (water, sewage and recycled water treatment plants and network interfaces)
- Process, mechanical, electrical and control engineering and design services
- Asset Management and Maintenance Management Planning
- Specialist maintenance delivery for treatment plants and trunk pipelines
- Capital works and capital maintenance project management
Hourly Rates TBC on case by case basis, depending on seniority required, location, duration, timing and requirements. For relief services we will seek to minimise costs by leveraging our existing Queensland operational teams where possible.
Other Costs - Disbursements (accommodation, travel, meals etc) can either be built into a single hourly rate (including labour) or charged separately
- Consumables are generally charged at cost +15%
Any other information you would like to add? We are always happy to consider requests for potential relief operational services and will be honest and rapid in our response about our ability to help.  We are able to provide services where they are located within a serviceable distance of our existing operational teams at Townsville, Gladstone Region and SEQ.

Provider Details Bush2Beach Plumbing & Water Treatment Services
Contact Details: Mackay  QLD 4740

Technical Enquiries: 
Dwayne Arnold
0474 831 836
[email protected]

Admin Enquiries:
Kym Sarago
[email protected]
0422 577 121
Services available:
- Back Flow Testing 
- Plumbing works including new plumbing on residential & commercial and maintenance on existing residential & commercial
- Relief WTP & STP operators 
- Fault Finding 
- Consultancy regarding Plant Issues 
- Operator support and assistance 
- Routine servicing and operations 
- Routine monitoring of plants 
- Sampling services of plants, equipment and water sites 
- Equipment servicing and preventative maintenance 
- Design, build, construct and install of packaged plants

Download the Capability Statement here.
Hourly Rates (Ex GST) Water & Sewerage
Call out fee - normal business hours $22.00
After hours call out fee $115.50
Rate per hour (normal business hours) $77.00
Public holiday rate per hour $231.00
Weekend rate per hour (Saturday) $99.00
Weekend rate per hour (Sunday) $297.00
Other Costs Travel charged at a per hour rate
Accommodation customer to provide*
Meals $25.00 per day*
*If working away from home base for more than a day
Any other information you would like to add?

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