Demand Management

Demand Management

Water demand management may be defined as managing the demand for water to achieve a balance between economic, social equity and environmental outcomes. Such programs incorporate measures that improve water use efficiency, offer the opportunity to reuse and recycle water and minimise water waste.

Effectively managing water demands involves:

From the perspective of Water Service Providers and their customers, a permanent reduction in water demand is identical to an increase in supply. By reducing demand, the costs of transferring and treating water are reduced and the capital investment required to meet the needs of growing communities can be deferred. 

From the perspective of the community and business, these lower operating and capital costs mean lower water bills, as well as lower energy bills resulting from reduced hot water use. The environment benefits from reducing extraction from rivers and aquifers leading to increased flows and improved river health. Lower energy consumption also leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The community has a strong expectation that water is used efficiently and not wasted.


Townsville Water PIN Townsville Water PIN - Release Date 09-Aug-2019: - Sample document: Townsville City Council Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) issued for a breach of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 - Section 43(5). Our coreflute signs were made in-house saying ‘Bore Water In Use’ with a running identifying number which we would keep a record of. Basic process: 1. Resident would ring and say they have a bore 2. Water Patrol would visit and witness working bore 3. Water Patrol would give out sign, make note of address and sign number and enter i (5403KB)

Townsville Water Restrictions Policy Townsville Water Restrictions Policy - Release Date 09-Aug-2019: - Sample document: Townsville City Council water restrictions policy. (484KB)

Southern Downs RC Community Engagement Workshop Report Southern Downs RC Community Engagement Workshop Report - Release Date 24-Jul-2018: - Final Report on Community Engagement Workshop held with Southern Downs Regional Council as part of the QWRAP DASB region. The aim was to provide recommendations on how to engage the community in meaningful ways to help develop a Water Efficiency Plan - June 2018. (1945KB)

QWRAP Demand Management Case Studies QWRAP Demand Management Case Studies - Release Date 24-Jan-2017: - For Queensland Water Service Providers the provision of safe, secure and sustainable urban water supply is a key challenge. This report showcases programs from regional Queensland that minimise the risks of demand management programs while managing demand for clearly defined council and community benefit. (1879KB)

Fact or Furphey KPI Fact or Furphey KPI - Release Date 29-Sep-2015: - This fact sheet or the information it contains may be useful for communicating further with customers concerned with the new KPI reporting system being introduced by The Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS). Results will be publicly available, giving communities an overview of the general state of their water and sewerage infrastructure and services. The easy to understand Q&A format offers possible explanations for questions arising from data. (212KB)

eFlash #196 - 28 March 2013 eFlash #196 - 28 March 2013 - Release Date 28-Mar-2013: - 1. Water Demand Management Factsheets. | 2. qldwater on tap Campaign. | 3. Public Release of Queensland's Urban Potable Water & Sewerage Benchmarking Report 2011/12. | 4. Photographs for Tenth Anniversary Publication. | (14KB)

Water Demand Management Factsheets Water Demand Management Factsheets - Release Date 25-Mar-2013: - This guide discusses the various options available to Local Governments to manage their water resources by improving water use efficiency by reusing, recycling and minimising water waste. This document is divided into broad sections covering: Customer Use Efficiency, Water Recycling, Education/Public Awareness, Water Pricing and Loss Management. Members must log in to access this document. | (1321KB)

ARCHIVE Emerald Training Slides Section 2 ARCHIVE Emerald Training Slides Section 2 - Release Date 13-Apr-2012: - Water legislation and SWIM training workshop focused on the risks involved in provision of water and sewage services and the legislation and controls in place to mitigate those risks. Section 2 - Water Security (1346KB)

ARCHIVE WEMP Guidelines QWC (SEQ) ARCHIVE WEMP Guidelines QWC (SEQ) - Release Date 14-Dec-2011: - QWC guidelines for WEMPS required of SQ Water Service Providers. WEMPS were made mandatory in SEQ in 2008. | 3rd party document.| (224KB)

ARCHIVE Doc Library Preparing a OWUCP ARCHIVE Doc Library Preparing a OWUCP - Release Date 01-Jul-2011: - Guideline for Preparing an Outdoor Water Use Conservation Plan - Superseded, for information only. (425KB)

e Flash #119 - 25 May 2011 e Flash #119 - 25 May 2011 - Release Date 25-May-2011: - 1. Research to Address Chlorate Residuals. | 2. Water Sensitive Future Workshops. | 3. IWC Water Leader Scholarships. | (35KB)

ARCHIVE WEMP Guidelines (Regional Queensland) ARCHIVE WEMP Guidelines (Regional Queensland) - Release Date 30-Oct-2010: - DERM guidelines for Service Providers in regional Queensland who choose, or are required to have WEMPs developed by their non-residential customers. | 3rd party document.| (269KB)

e Flash #86 - 7 June 2010 e Flash #86 - 7 June 2010 - Release Date 07-Jun-2010: - 1. Urban Demand Management Guidelines. | 2. Water Industry Operators' Awards. | 3. WIOA Workshop, Rockhampton 23,24 June 2010. | 4. SWIM Queensland WSP 09-10 Annual Data Reporting - coming soon. | 5. Water Conference Stanthorpe. | (36KB)

Briefing on 2007 WOLA Bill Briefing on 2007 WOLA Bill - Release Date 17-Oct-2007: - Briefing from the State on Water and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2007. Received on 12/1007 and approved 16/10/07 with initial measures taking place on Jan 2008 and other phasing in over several years. (233KB)

ARCHIVE Lifestyle Waterwise Grants ARCHIVE Lifestyle Waterwise Grants - Release Date 09-Sep-2007: - Information on Lifestyle WaterWise Grants Program being offered by the Department of Natural Resources and Water for NGO not for profit organisations. This is the 2nd and final round of funding with the closing date of 5 October 2007. Further information available on attached PDF. (124KB)

Business Water Efficiency Program Survey Business Water Efficiency Program Survey - Release Date 28-Dec-2006: - qldwater was invited to partner in the planning process for the potential statewide roll-out of BWEP, a funding program run in coordination with councils to encourage businesses that are large water users to reduce their water use. In December 2006, we undertook a survey of local governments across Queensland to gather information and gain feedback on specific issues. (102KB)

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