qldwater Scholarships

qldwater Scholarships

QWRCIP and QWRAP Scholarships

In 2017, an opportunity arose to establish a charitable venture aimed at helping address urban water and sewerage challenges facing small and remote communities.  The Queensland Water Regional Communities Innovations Program (QWRCIP) is administered under the auspices of qldwater with a steering committee comprising members of its Technical Reference Group.

In 2019, up to four QWRCIP scholarships will be available to attend activities around qldwater’s Annual Forum (September) at Logan City. The week-long program will include: 

From 2019, The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy has agreed to provide support for an additional two scholarships, funded through QWRAP.  These scholarships will be managed by the Partner Steering Committee, comprising representatives from DNRME, LGAQ and qldwater.  The program include time with technical experts at a regional council, currently Cairns, Mackay, Whitsunday, Townsville and Fraser Coast Regional councils have offered places.  The remainder of the week will be negotiated but could include participation at a qldwater regional event, QWRAP meeting or a range of training activities. Hosts may have specific safety induction requirements or other visitation agreements to be completed prior to arriving on site.

Out of pocket costs (travel, meals, accommodation, event registrations) will be included.  Salary recovery, and any necessary insurances are not.

Reimbursement of approved costs will be organised on a case by case basis.

Who is eligible

Employees of qldwater full member organisations with 10,000 or fewer connections.

For QWRAP scholarships, preference will be given to applicants from councils which are not currently part of a QWRAP region, however organisations with fewer than 10,000 connections which are part of a QWRAP region will still be considered.

How to apply

Email [email protected] by 31 May 2019 (sooner the better) with the following details completed:

qldwater will contact applicants who meet the criteria and gather further information to present to the Technical Reference Group or Partner Steering Committee for consideration.  This must include:

The successful applicants will be made an offer of a scholarship, with a letter outlining agreed terms.

Once accepted, qldwater will make further contact to develop an itinerary.

Contact Carlie Sargent on 07 3632 6853 if you have any queries about applying.

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