qldwater Members

qldwater members are registered urban Service Providers in Queensland. Members are local government service providers, local government owned corporations, local government owned statutory authorities, state government owned statutory authorities and affiliate members.

In 2016/17 our members include:

  • 2 of 2 Torres Strait Island council Service Providers,
  • 13 of 15 Aboriginal council Service Providers,
  • 52 of 52 (non-indigenous) council Service Providers,
  • 2 of 2 council owned statutory authorities in SEQ,
  • 1 of 2 state government owned Statutory Authorities,
  • 3 Gold Affiliate Members 

or a total of 73 members involved in the urban water industry. 

qldwater  works closely with Sunwater and Seqwater through the Queensland Water Skills Partnership.

Affiliate Members

We would like to welcome Trility Pty Ltd, Research Laboratory Services and Ventia as Gold Affiliate Members.

Research Laboratory Services are activated carbon and ozone specialists, specialising in:
  • Ozone and Activated Carbon Application Studies including batch, jar and column tests for assessing organics and algal metabolite reduction
  • Pilot Plant Hire, Operation and Analysis
  • Experimental Design
  • Biological Activated Carbon (BAC) Aging Profiles
  • Biodegradable Dissolved Organic Carbon (BDOC) Testing
  • Assimilable Organic Carbon (AOC)
  • H2S Breakthrough Capacity
  • Full scale plant audit and optimisation studies

Ventia works with clients such as Sydney Water, Yarra Valley Water, and the Victorian desalination plant. Ventia understands the valuable service their clients provide their customers, and the role they play in helping to deliver a sustainable, high quality service at the lowest whole-of-life cost. Ventia offers specialist services across the water project life cycle, including construction, asset management, operations and maintenance, and have class-leading expertise in the operations and management of:
  • bulk and retail networks
  • treatment plants
  • pumping stations
  • desalination and water re-use
  • water main rehabilitation - Aqua-Pipe

TRILITY is proud to support the Queensland Water Directorate because it understands the importance of working closely with Queensland’s central advisory and advocacy body within the urban water industry.

TRILITY is an established leader in the Australian water industry dedicated to the delivery of water, wastewater and reuse solutions within the municipal, industrial and resource sectors. The company is a proud asset owner and operator with an established footprint in every corner of the nation, particularly in Queensland where it has been operating since 2000.

TRILITY has provided services from the Gold Coast in the south to the tip of Cape York and west to the Darling Downs, with operational hubs built on partnerships with key clients in South East Queensland, Gladstone and Townsville regions.

The company’s leadership draws on more than 20 years’ experience providing solutions including asset financing and ownership, design and construction, operations and maintenance, asset management and supporting utility services.

TRILITY was the first private sector partner to join qldwater. This signals an intent to be a long term operational and construction partner to water service providers all around Queensland. For more information regarding the services TRILITY provides please visit the Queensland Water Directory.


The Department of Energy and Water Supply

The department's functions are delivered through two main service areas - energy and water supply,

The Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply's vision is a prosperous Queensland through resilient and affordable energy and water sectors. 

To achieve this, the department's strategy is to deliver innovative policy, planning and regulatory solutions in partnership with our stakeholders to support cost-effective, safe secure and reliable energy and water supply.

qldwater is pleased to welcome the Solomon Island Water Authority as a new Affiliate Member for 2017/2018.  

Based in Honiara, Solomon Island Water Authority provides reliable and safe water supply and sewerage services to Honiara, Auki, Noro and Tulagi in the Solomon Islands.

Solomon Water has just completed its 30 year Strategic Plan which includes major expansion of its infrastructure to meet the demands of Honiara which is experiencing very rapid growth.  Significant donor funding will be required for the projects which include a new surface water take for Honiara, around 20 sewage pump stations and a deep sea outfall.  There is also much deferred maintenance and pipe renewals to try and combat very high non-revenue water.


Our 2017/18 information brochure on Affiliate Memberships is now available here.  For further information please contact Heather Gold on (07) 3632 6850 or email hgold@qldwater.com.au

Benefits of membership

Benefits for members of qldwater are listed here and include:

  • industry representation,
  • support in technical and operational issues,
  • improved technical representation in policy formulation through LGAQ,
  • stronger technical input to State and Commonwealth Government,
  • standard documentation,
  • streamlined reporting and planning, 
  • minimising duplication by members (methodologies, procedures, etc.), and 
  • improving cooperation among Service Providers and facilitating regional collaboration,
  • benchmarking and best practice
  • training and capacity building
  • links to other industry members and national and other jurisdictions
  • free access to our publications, downloads and the members-only website
  • access to the 'Ask an Expert' web forums.
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