About us

The Queensland Water Directorate (qldwater) is the central advisory and advocacy body within Queensland’s urban water industry and represents members from Local Government and other water service providers across Queensland.

qldwater aims to strengthen the urban water industry to maintain and improve the safety, health, wellbeing and sustainability of Queensland’s communities. We provide our members with:

  • a strong, dependable and united industry voice
  • an accurate, reliable and timely information source
  • critical technical and professional resources, skills and training programs to help improve industry capabilities and assist career development
  • opportunities for contribution in policy formulation
  • support for water management and efficiency improvements
  • information sharing and streamlined water reporting

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qldwater was established in 2003, as a discrete industry group dedicated to Queensland urban water industry development and support with a strong technical focus – an expressed need that was previously not met by any existing industry body.  The Directorate was founded by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia Queensland and is administered by an Executive Management Committee.

The committee guides qldwater’s strategic direction and includes two representatives from the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), the Australian Water Association (AWA) and the Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA). A Technical Reference Group oversees industry priorities and technical focus areas of the Directorate.

qldwater is a strong industry body with good working relationships with national water industry associations as well as Local, State and Commonwealth government agencies such as the Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS), Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Department of Health, Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning and the Bureau of Meteorology.

qldwater is a business unit of

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