Fact Sheets and Reports

Fact Sheets and Reports

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet STP GBR Fact Sheet STP GBR - Release Date 30-Mar-2017: - Fact sheet on the impact of public sewage treatment plants on the Great Barrier Reef. With nitrogen released from STPs contributing less than 4% of total catchment loads, the fact sheet questions whether the high cost of further improvement to STPs could be better spent focusing on priority sources in the 96% of non-urban load. (936KB)

ORWA Showcase Barcaldine ORWA Showcase Barcaldine - Release Date 23-Jun-2015: - (3216KB)

ORWA Showcase Barcoo ORWA Showcase Barcoo - Release Date 23-Jun-2015: - (2854KB)

ORWA Showcase Boulia ORWA Showcase Boulia - Release Date 23-Jun-2015: - (1221KB)

ORWA Showcase Diamantina ORWA Showcase Diamantina - Release Date 23-Jun-2015: - (1019KB)

Fact or Furphey KPI Fact or Furphey KPI - Release Date 29-Sep-2015: - This fact sheet or the information it contains may be useful for communicating further with customers concerned with the new KPI reporting system being introduced by The Department of Energy and Water Supply (DEWS). Results will be publicly available, giving communities an overview of the general state of their water and sewerage infrastructure and services. The easy to understand Q&A format offers possible explanations for questions arising from data. (212KB)

Fact or Furphey KPI Word Version Fact or Furphey KPI Word Version - Release Date 29-Sep-2015: - The Fact or Furphey fact sheet is available in Word version in the member-only section of the site for members who want to adapt it and brand the information themselves. (6949KB)

ORWA Showcase Longreach ORWA Showcase Longreach - Release Date 23-Jun-2015: - (821KB)

Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs): What are they and how are they used? Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs): What are they and how are they used? - Release Date 12-Nov-2014: - The disability-adjusted life year (DALY) is a way of measuring the population impact of a health problem, or the burden of disease, associated with a specific condition. It is a measure of the amount of time (in years) that is ‘lost’ due to imperfect health from a particular cause, taking into account both premature death and time lived in a state of ill-health (termed disability). It also incorporates a weighting for the severity of the disability. Fact sheet kindly provided by Water Research (1274KB)

Health-Based Targets for Microbial Safety of Drinking Water Health-Based Targets for Microbial Safety of Drinking Water - Release Date 12-Nov-2014: - Pathogens in source waters present a challenge for those tasked with providing safe drinking water. To achieve this, they are guided by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, although advice from the ADWG on this issue could be improved. One proposal is the introduction of health based targets for microbial safety of drinking water. This Fact Sheet provides a brief explanation of HBTs and some rationale for their introduction into the ADWG and is kindly provided by Water Research Australia. | (1134KB)

Health-Based Targets for the Microbial Safety of Drinking Water: Stakeholder viewpoints Health-Based Targets for the Microbial Safety of Drinking Water: Stakeholder viewpoints - Release Date 12-Nov-2014: - Health-based targets (HBTs) are measurable health, water quality or performance objectives that are established based on a judgement of what constitutes an acceptable level of health risk in relation to pathogens in drinking water. Incorporation of HBTs for microbial safety of drinking water into future revisions of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines is currently under discussion. Fact sheet kindly provided by Water Research Australia. (1509KB)

DEWS-CSS-Guidance-Material DEWS-CSS-Guidance-Material - Release Date 29-Oct-2014: - (334KB)

Water Demand Management Factsheets Water Demand Management Factsheets - Release Date 25-Mar-2013: - This guide discusses the various options available to Local Governments to manage their water resources by improving water use efficiency by reusing, recycling and minimising water waste. This document is divided into broad sections covering: Customer Use Efficiency, Water Recycling, Education/Public Awareness, Water Pricing and Loss Management. Members must log in to access this document. | (1321KB)

Administrative Arrangements Order Administrative Arrangements Order - Release Date 04-Apr-2012: - Post Election Announcements Affecting Water and Sewerage. The State Government has this week released Administrative Arrangements Order (No. 3) 2012 to identify which new departments will administer existing legislation. Of particular interest to Water and Sewerage Health (Minister Lawrence Springborg) –Water Fluoridation Act 2008 Environment and Heritage Protection (Minister Andrew Powell) – Environmental Protection Act 1994 Housing and Public Works (Minister Bruce Flegg) – Plumbing and (301KB)

On-line Fluoride Monitors Factsheet On-line Fluoride Monitors Factsheet - Release Date 25-Oct-2011: - The Queensland Water Fluoridation Act and Regulation require determination of fluoride concentration on a daily basis. On-line fluoride analysers can provide accurate and reliable measurement of fluoride concentration provided that analysers are calibrated, serviced and maintained in accordance with the equipment supplier's operating handbook. (319KB)

Infosheet - Workplace Absenteeism Infosheet - Workplace Absenteeism - Release Date 11-Oct-2011: - (474KB)

Infosheet - Skilled Migration Infosheet - Skilled Migration - Release Date 12-Sep-2011: - An infosheet summarising the processes for employer sponsored skilled migration. (420KB)

Due Diligence Checklist Due Diligence Checklist - Release Date 18-Dec-2009: - Due diligence checklist for local government water utilities developed from the Future f the Queensland Water Industry Taskforce. | Free member download. | (1291KB)

Major Urban Indicator Summary for BoM Major Urban Indicator Summary for BoM - Release Date 20-Dec-2007: - qldwater prepared a list of Bureau of Meteorology indicators that will be required of a specified list of Service Providers in Queensland. (238KB)

Briefing on 2007 WOLA Bill Briefing on 2007 WOLA Bill - Release Date 17-Oct-2007: - Briefing from the State on Water and Other Legislation Ammendment Bill 2007. Received on 12/1007 and approved 16/10/07 with initial measures taking place on Jan 2008 and other phasing in over several years. (233KB)

Do I need a SLMP or DMP? Do I need a SLMP or DMP? - Release Date 12-Sep-2007: - This easy to use flowchart has been created by QWD to assist Water Service Providers in determining whether a Drought Management Plan or System Leakage Management Plan needs to be completed. (0KB)

WEMP Factsheet WEMP Factsheet - Release Date 22-Jun-2007: - Background information on WEMPs and their introduction in SEQ. (770KB)

Asbestos General Information Sheet Asbestos General Information Sheet - Release Date 19-Jun-2007: - The attached document provides links to useful websites with information on Asbestos in Queensland and beyond. Information can also be sourced from the Queensland Health Website. (28KB)

Greywater FactSheet Greywater FactSheet - Release Date 09-Feb-2007: - Factsheet on grey water reuse and legislation. (229KB)

Competencies-for-Operators Competencies-for-Operators - Release Date 21-Jul-2015: - (139KB)

DEWS-Comparative-Reporting DEWS-Comparative-Reporting - Release Date 21-Jul-2015: - (144KB)

DEWS-Factsheet-Performance-Reporting DEWS-Factsheet-Performance-Reporting - Release Date 21-Jul-2015: - (58KB)

DEWS-Introduction-to-performance-outcome-framework DEWS-Introduction-to-performance-outcome-framework - Release Date 21-Jul-2015: - (151KB)

E.coli Fact Sheet E.coli Fact Sheet - Release Date 12-Nov-2014: - (426KB)

Fact Sheet Electrical Work Fact Sheet Electrical Work - Release Date 14-Mar-2014: - (541KB)


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