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Vocational Education Courses and Providers - Water Operations

The National Water Training Package is the main training package used for onsite workers and is also relevant to many para-professional qualifications.  The Package covers water and wastewater treatment, construction and maintenance, bulkwater supplies, hydrography, metering and other streams within the industry.

In December 2015, a new National Water Training package was endorsed. The following document provides a summary of the changes in the new package. No media download found.

Following is a list of RTOs that confirmed that they would offer training in the National Water Training Package in Queensland and details of their offerings.  This is intended as a guide only and all information including pricing will need to be checked with individual RTOs.  Click on the web link underneath the RTO name for more detail.

TAFE Qld - SkillsTech Water Training Australia Simmonds and Bristow EnviroCheck Enterprises
  website website website        website
What qualifications from the National Water Package are offered?
Certificate II Water Industry Operations Yes Yes  Yes Yes
Certificate III Water Industry Operations Yes Yes Yes No
Certificate III Water Industry Treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Certificate III Irrigation No Yes No No
Certificate IV Water Industry Operations Yes Yes Yes No
Certificate IV Water Industry Treatment Yes Yes  Yes No
Diploma Water Industry Operations Yes No Yes No
What specialisations from the Package is training provided in?
Water Treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wastewater Treatment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Distribution/ Reticulation Yes Yes Yes TBA
Bulk Water Management/Source Yes Yes Yes  TBA
Trade Waste Yes No Yes TBA
Hydrography No No No TBA
Irrigation No Yes Yes No
Training delivery options
How is training delivered? (e.g. online, face to face, blended) Customised training options available, including but not limited to online, distance, face to face, classroom.  Training is delivered face to face in conjunction with support from workplace subject matter experts.  We prefer to train on-site so we can utilise the  actual plant, equipment and organisational policies and procedures S&B offer a wide range of delivery methods, including face-to-face, correspondence and a blended option. Face to face courses are offered in both Open Industry and Customised (at Client’s Site) delivery settings.
Average prices  **NB - these are approximates based on minimum number, will vary depending on individual needs, and funding source (if funding is available costs will be significantly less)
Certificate II Please visit website or phone 1300 308 233 and ask for Business Development unit for current pricing.  $5500 (min of 8 participants) Pricing is based on the delivery method chosen, whether the Work Readiness Assessment is conducted remotely or face to face at the client’s site.
Certificate III As above $6500 (min of 8 participants)
Certificate IV As above $7000 (min of 8 participants)
Diploma As above N/A

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