Water Taste Test 2012

Water Taste Test 2012

31 entries, 6 regional finals, but there could only be ONE!

North Queensland finalist Burdekin Shire Council won bragging rights for the best tasting tap water in Queensland at an exciting grand final event held at the Water Industry Operators Association (WIOA) conference on the Gold Coast on Thursday, 7 June 2012.

Burdekin promotes itself as being built on liquid gold, with an underground aquifer that contains over 20 million megalitres of water (about 40 times the amount of water in the Sydney Harbour). Water is pumped from the aquifer to treatment facilities where the water is both aerated and chlorinated before being supplied under pressure to the distribution network for consumption.

Burdekin was one of 31 state-wide entrants which had been narrowed down to six finalists at our regional conferences in 2012. The other regional winners who battled it out at the state-wide grand final were:

2012 promotional video

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