Archived: Leakage Management Plans

Archived: Leakage Management Plans

In October 2005 amendments to the Water Act 2000 took effect, requiring all Water Service Providers (WSPs) to prepare, and submit for approval, a System Leakage Management Plan (SLMP). In 2008 the Water Act 2000 was superseded by the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 (the Act) but requirements for SLMPs remained substantially the same. Note: in March 2011, the regulator announced that the deadline for SLMPs that had not yet been completed would be extended to 2013 (see e Flash #112). SLMPs that had already been completed must remain in place.

The Act requires that Service Providers have SLMPs in place to minimise the water losses due to leakage from their water supply distribution systems. The plan should document the actual level of system leakage, indicate the measures to reduce leakage and set out a plan to implement those measures that are cost effective for the service provider to implement.

A SLMP must be prepared in accordance with both the provisions of the Act and the DERM SLMP guidelines, and must be submitted by the water service provider for approval by the Regulator. To assist members in completing this requirement, qldwater created SLMP Template and Guidelines and Software to assist in Leakage Calculations and undertook training across the State funded partly by the Department of Local Government. The aims of these activities were:

The SLMP Template and Guidelines is available to members from qldwater upon request.  The Excel Software is no longer available.

Relevant Documents

ARCHIVE Preparing a SLMP ARCHIVE Preparing a SLMP - Release Date 01-Jul-2013: - Guidelines for the preparation of a System Leakage Management Plan. Superseded, for information only. (555KB)

ARCHIVE Do I need a SLMP or DMP? ARCHIVE Do I need a SLMP or DMP? - Release Date 12-Sep-2007: - This easy to use flowchart has been created by QWD to assist Water Service Providers in determining whether a Drought Management Plan or System Leakage Management Plan needs to be completed. (0KB)

ARCHIVE Clarification on qldwater SLMP Template ARCHIVE Clarification on qldwater SLMP Template - Release Date 02-Jul-2007: - List of clarification points on the QWD's SLMP Template based on frequently asked questions arising at the training workshops and from requests from other members. The attached sheet provides a short list of FAQs based on the main sections of the Template. (38KB)

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