Regional Water Mini-Conferences

We are looking forward to another exciting year with great events in the pipeline to engage with our members from all across Queensland. 

Last year our six regional conferences brought together approximately 150 of our members from 30 water service providers to network and exchange information. The conferences aim to provide interesting and interactive sessions to help inform and influence qldwater priorities.

The 2016 program is listed in the table below.  Those interested in presenting case studies and other information relevant to any of these regions, please contact Heather Gold on (07) 3632 6850 email


A range of cost-effective sponsorship opportunities is available for organisations wanting to support and raise their profile with the ~70 organisations making up the Queensland urban water and sewerage service industry through our growing, innovative event program. Please contact Heather Gold on 07 3632 6850 for more information.

Our aim is to connect with our members and to provide opportunities to discuss and escalate issues we are facing in the Queensland water industry. 

Date Location Host Event
13 April Scarness, Hervey Bay Wide Bay Water Corporation Technical Tour
14 April Scarness, Hervey Bay Wide Bay Water Corporation SEQ Conference
20 July Townsville Townsville City Council NQ Conference
11 August Emerald Central Highlands Regional Council CQ Conference
14 Sept Brisbane qldwater and Seqwater
Technical Tour and Best of the Best Water Taste Test - open to all Qld water service providers
15 Sept Brisbane qldwater and Seqwater
2016 Innovation Forum

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