Workforce Resources & Publications

Want to learn more about the Queensland Water Industry?

Our free online induction programs are a great place to start...

Online Induction Program
Schools Induction Program Legislation Program
Whether you are an existing or prospective employee or a Councillor with an interest in the water sector, the Online Induction Program provides an excellent introduction to the Queensland urban water industry. Modified for a high school age audience, the Schools Induction Program provides a great overview of all the issues affecting the Queensland urban water sector, as well as more information about possible career paths in the industry.
The Urban Water Industry Legislation Course helps industry staff make sense of the complex regulatory framework which influences their day to day decisions.

Career Planning, Attraction and Retention

Below are some resources which may help planning and conducting recruitment processes.

Career Pathways
Attraction & Retention EBA Comparison
Learn more about the variety of roles in the industry, pathways into the industry and available job opportunities. For employers we provide links to qldwater fact sheets and information about managing change and mentoring opportunities. For qldwater members only.

Urban Water Industry Workforce Composition Snapshot Reports

Over the past few years, both qldwater and various national bodies have conducted studies to quantify the number and types of roles within the water industry. The Snapshot Reports help to analyse Queensland water industry workforce trends and issues like attraction and retention, competition from other industries and labour shortages. In order to monitor these trends in the industry, qldwater (through the Queensland Water Skills Partnership) intends to publish a Snapshot Report approximately every two years.