Industry Surveys

2015 Member Survey Report 2015 Member Survey Report - Release Date 01-Sep-2015: - This report demonstrates how qldwater will address issues raised in the member survey from July. This report incorporates approved actions from our Technical Reference Group. The survey was not intended to provide a comprehensive evaluation of qldwater activities – rather it was targeted to specifically test proposed changes to our work plan. The feedback has been invaluable, helping us to better focus our efforts and ground-truth our advocacy planning. It is likely to lead to the emergence o (266KB)

2013 Member Survey Report 2013 Member Survey Report - Release Date 21-Sep-2013: - Report on the 2013 qldwater Member Survey (79KB)

qldwater member satisfaction survey 2010 qldwater member satisfaction survey 2010 - Release Date 30-Jun-2010: - qldwater independent satisfaction survey undertaken in 2010. (168KB)

qldwater member satisfaction survey 2008 qldwater member satisfaction survey 2008 - Release Date 30-Jun-2008: - qldwater member satisfaction survey for 2008. Undertaken as an independent and confidential survey by Morton Consulting. (130KB)

qldwater member satisfaction survey 2007 qldwater member satisfaction survey 2007 - Release Date 22-Aug-2007: - Late in June 2007, the QWD sent out a "Customer Satisfaction Survey" to all members, in order for us to best gauge members needs. The survey was undertaken by an independent consultant and was confidential and only resulting aggregated data was provided to QWD. The attached is the completed summary with all feedback and comments included. (181KB)

BWEP Survey BWEP Survey - Release Date 28-Dec-2006: - qldwater was invited to partner in the planning process for the potential statewide roll-out of BWEP, a funding program run in coordination with councils to encourage businesses that are large water users to reduce their water use. In December 2006, we undertook a survey of local governments across Queensland to gather information and gain feedback on specific issues. (102KB)

Grey Water Survey 2006 Grey Water Survey 2006 - Release Date 09-Mar-2006: - In early 2006 qldwater conducted a survey of all members asking whether the were likely to opt in to the voluntary use of grey water under new legislation. (68KB)

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