About the Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test

qldwater started the Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test to promote the good work done by the Water Service Providers in producing a great quality product to their communities 24/7. By no means a technical test, it’s what makes local communities proud, typically measured by what makes a good cup of tea.

The water industry continues to experience numerous challenges from natural disasters to changes in water regulation that impacts the way water service providers including councils supply and manage water and wastewater within their communities. While the taste test is about how good tap water tastes, it is also meant to help inform the community over time about how much effort goes into providing clean drinking water; with far greater controls and lower cost than other retail sources like bottled water.

With 75 drinking water service providers around the state - mostly owned and run by local government organisations - and over 300 schemes (or community water supplies), the quest to find the top drop of tap water in Queensland is divided into six regional semi-finals before the final six go head to head at a State Finals event.

Previously a panel of four independent judges judged the taste test entries at our regional events, but recently we started to engage conference attendees in the decision-making process. This was the format again in 2015, giving all conference attendees the opportunity to decide the winner!  The taste test rules and entry form are available here.

Read more about the evolution of the taste test and the regional winners from the links on the right.